GlobalLink CCMS rebrand - In Progress

Started from 2019, I was asked to help with this rebrand project from two content management system teams. The goal of the rebrand is to combined two similar products into one big brand and also keeps two products individual identities. I faced a lot of challenges because there was a lot of unclarity in their current brand. They haven't updated websites for years and there are a lot of redundant information in both product sites. It took us 1 month to figure out how the product works and structure the content. 


This is also my first experience to involve how to clarify years of information and design the entire brand strategy from beginning to end. Now we are in doing their sits and finishing brand guideline.

As a lead designer in this project, my role is to brand their conferences, design entire brand, write brand guideline and design three websites for two products - one is for brand sit and the other two are each product sites.

Client: GlobalLink CCMS - GlobalLink Astoria & GlobalLInk Vasont

Role: Creative director & Lead designer